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The selection of the L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

It is by meeting unique know-how that we offer you fine and tasty products.


Epices Roellinger L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

Since 1983, Olivier Roellinger has traveled the world in search of unique perfumes. Its selection is committed and promotes small producers. It is with his family in Cancale that he creates spice blends with new flavors for everyday cooking and moments of sharing. 


Maison Barthouil L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

In Peyrehorade and this, for 3 generations, Maison Barthouil highlights its terroir and its unique know-how. Demanding and passionate, the team values the quality of its raw materials. Foie gras, salmon, terrines, cassoulet and confit... Barthouil products come from a short supply chain and an irreproachable technique.


La Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

For more than 20 years, the Furic family has been carefully selecting the best fish, creating innovative recipes and making its artisanal preserves in keeping with passion and tradition. Tuna, sardines or even mackerel are worked by hand in the South of Finistère from the reception of the fish to its conservation.


Les Babas de Saint-Malo L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

It was in 2006, during the famous Route du Rhum, that chef Luc Morbihan decided to create a dessert around this mythical race. The baba is then obvious, full of freshness and acidity: vanilla, pineapple, passion fruit, ginger... so many flavors to discover in these jars! Served with whipped cream, sorbet or some fruit...


Huile d'olive Château d'Estoublon L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

It is in a privileged environment in the heart of Baux-de-Provence that Maison Estoublon passionately perpetuates the tradition of exceptional olive oils. Once harvested, the olives are processed directly at the mill. Salonenque, Beruguette, Picholine or even Grossane...the aromatic palette of monovarietal or blended oils is just exceptional.


Biscottes La Chanteracoise L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

Quality at the service of authenticity...the Chanteracoise pays attention to the quality of its rusks by guaranteeing an artisanal production without preservatives or dyes. The elaboration of a rusk by hand requires great patience to obtain a crispy and golden toast which is a great skill....


Tartinable Marc Peyrey L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

It is in the Dordogne that Marc Peyrey set up his own cooking process: half-cooked. Its meticulously selected fruits harvested at the height of the season are so soft and tender. Ente plums, apricots, figs but also tomato petals and spreads: traceability, authenticity and passion are at the heart of its exceptional products.


Pâtes artisanales Le Ryet L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

David Le Ruyet works with soft wheat grown on the Languidic family land in Brittany. From harvesting to drying and sorting: the pasta is made in a natural and traditional way. A marked wheat taste that appeals to many culinary chefs. Fettuccine with buckwheat, Espelette pepper, truffle or even risone and fregola... so many specialties created and produced by a responsible farmer.


Moutarde de Meaux Pommery L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

Mustard from Meaux Pommery has kept its manufacturing secret, unchanged since 1632. Through the centuries, family transmission has operated to preserve this know-how. Today, Les Assaisonnements Briards strive to use this unique recipe and create new flavours: Voatsiperifery black pepper mustard, fine herbs or firefighters mustard.


Vinaigre Balsamique Leonardi L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

It was in the 18th century that Maison Leonardi began producing the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. This flagship condiment of Italian cuisine is recognized throughout the world. The hot and humid micro-climate present on the territory favors the fermentation and the concentration of the grape musts. Aged in traditional wooden barrels, Giovanni Leonardi's balsamics are produced with respect for the surrounding land, in a green setting.


Chocolat François Pralus L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

François Pralus is an adventurer even before becoming a master chocolatier. He went in search of the finest dried cocoa beans from around the world to design his pure raw bars and his blends in Roanne. Today, he even has his cocoa plantation in Madagascar and creates amazing sweet delicacies: traditional pink pralines, infernal chocolate bars or even the pyramid of the tropics.


Charcuterie ibérique de Bellota L'Epicerie Fine Quimper

Bellota's Iberian charcuterie is simply unique. Made from black Iberian pigs fed exclusively on acorns, this Spanish charcuterie reveals a powerful taste with notes of hazelnuts. The "Admiración" manufacturing process is an exceptional job, from breeding in the middle of nature to salting and selection. Find ham, sausage, lomo, chorizo and morcón de bellota at the grocery store.

Also discover our Serrano de Trevélez, a tender ham dried at altitude, in the hollow of the mountains.

Without forgetting...

Maison Marc, Biscuiterie des Vénètes, KRIPS, Raphael & Anatra jams, Honey from Les Joyeuses, Le Grand pâtés, Maison Naja, Compagnie Coloniale tea, Artisan Popol, Plantin truffles, Kaviari, Savor&Sens, Shira, Banyuls vinegars, Japanese products by Umami and much more...

Our wine & spirits cellar

Wines and champagnes from our regions carefully selected for epicureans!

Our rums from all over the world will bring a little sunshine to your moments of sharing...

Champagne Ruinart Roederer Billecart Salmon
Alcool breton Cidre Chouchen Lambig Pommeau Kremmig L'Epicerie Fine Quimper
Vin rouge Vin blanc Vin rosé L'Epicerie Fine Quimper
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1943-EPICERIE FINE-Stop-trottoir-600x1000-V3 (glissé(e)s) 3.jpg
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